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The Village Camp 
August 2-6, 2021  
at Saxapahaw United Methodist Church

What To Pack

(for printable version click here)


  • Wear comfortable camp clothes for the day

  • Bring a full change of clothes (including shoes)

  • Hat

  • On Wednesday and Friday, bring a modest swimsuit to wear for water play


  • ​Tennis shoes OR hiking shoes 

  • Athletic sandals (must be sturdy and have ankle strap and can get wet)

  • NO flip flops allowed!


  • Backpack

  • Water bottle (with name on it)

  • Insect Repellent

  • Sunscreen

  • A Towel (a good idea for every day, required on Wednesday and Friday)

  • For our pre-K children, please bring a sheet and blanket for naptime to leave here for the week


  • A healthy lunch – with name on it. (A healthy lunch typically includes foods from at least four components: milk, 2 or more fruits or vegetables, meat or meat alternative, bread or bread alternative. One example of a healthy lunch is: a peanut butter sandwich, carrot sticks, raisins and milk to drink.)

  • We will provide milk and/or refill water bottles at lunchtime.

  • We will provide a healthy mid-morning snack and the campers will be able to eat the bread they bake.


  • If your child requires medication during the day, please bring all medication in the original bottle/ packaging with directions from a doctor for administration. 

Do Not Bring

  • Cell phones or other electronic devices

  • Cash or other valuables

  • Toys or sports equipment

COVID Procedures

(for printable version click here)


The health and safety of our campers, volunteers, and staff are our highest priority.


Below, you will find a summary of steps we are taking to help ensure we are lowering COVID-19 risk as much as possible. We are:

  • Doing a health check when each camper arrives.

  • Keeping campers in small groups of 6 to 8 campers throughout the day, and especially while indoors. While social distancing is not required, we will ensure that each group has adequate space for each activity.

  • Requiring that all staff, volunteers, and campers wear a cloth face covering while indoors. Face coverings are not required outdoors.

  • Intensifying cleaning and disinfection practices within our facilities and premises. Teachers and volunteers will wipe down frequently touched surfaces between each group.

  • Encouraging campers to wash their hands frequently with soap and water.

  • If a child does get sick at camp, we will safely isolate him or her from others. We will communicate with parents or caretakers directly to have the child picked up immediately.

We ask that you help us protect the health of all our campers this summer. We strongly encourage all children and adults over the age of 12 be vaccinated as soon as possible. Anyone who is sick or has been sick with COVID-19 or in contact with someone with COVID-19 within 14 days of the first day of camp — including staff, volunteers and campers — should not come to camp. Be on the lookout for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and loss of taste or smell. Call your doctor if you think you or a family member is sick.

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