Saxapahaw UMC Cleaning Tasks
We are so grateful for your loving service to Saxapahaw UMC! 
Thank you for helping us keep our beautiful church clean!

Weekly Tasks:


  • Vacuum all carpets

  • Vacuum or sweep hardwoods

  • Clean out trash from pews

  • Clean altar and table


Three Classrooms—Barbara’s, Pat’s, and Lorraine’s:

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Empty trash

  • Clean tables and chairs as needed


Monthly Tasks:

  • Clean outside front door

  • Wipe pews with diluted Murphy’s Oil Soap

  • Fill offering envelopes and sharpen pencils



  • The key for the supply closet is in the drawer under the microwave.

  • Vacuum cleaner is in the kitchen closet.

  • Cleaning supplies are located in the kitchen closet.

  • Use Pinesol to clean the floors and only Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean the pews.

  • Mop and bucket in hallway outside kitchen.

  • Offering envelopes and pencils are in the church office bookcase.

  • Call Tracy Grubb (336-524-3142) if you have any questions.

phone: 336-525-2545

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