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Brunch Church &

Sabbath Celebration


Jesus used the dinner table to welcome strangers, befriend the outcast and lonely, and talk about the Kingdom of God. Two thousand years later, strangers and friends are still welcome at Christ's table. Come to the table. Come hungry - for food, for friendship, for a place to experience and share God's love. Come, and be filled.

Experience Worship Anew

Scripture tells us that the first Christians  "broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts" (Acts 2:46).


Join us as we re-discover a style of worship that dates back all the way to Jesus and the early church. 


Together we will explore the ways the Holy Spirit can and will work in our midst as we break bread and eat together with glad and sincere hearts.

Life is Lived Out Around the Table

Together we can connect with our neighbors, dispel loneliness, learn from one another, and create a place where all are welcome.

Through shared stories and rich discussions, laughter and inspiration, we can and will experience the fullness of God.

“I believe that the community - in the fullest sense: a place and all its creatures - is the smallest unit of health and that to speak of the health of an isolated individual is a contradiction in terms."
- Wendell Berry
2019: Connecting Food, Faith, and Farming

January 20: We are what we eat

Choosing healthy priorities for our lives.

February 17: What's not to love?

"Food is a gift of love..." - Norman Wirzba

March 17: Is your soil ready?

We thrive when we embrace diversity.

April 7 (1st Sunday): Getting our hands dirty

We are created to till and nurture the earth.

May 19: We are created to thrive

Seek the welfare of the land.

June 16: We are created to eat together

Discovering hospitality at the table.

July 21: We are invited to eat simply 

Ordinary food can be made holy.

August 18: We are invited into God’s abundance

There is enough for everyone!

September 15: We are invited to share our food 

Food as a commodity vs. food as a gift.

October 20: We are invited to rest

Even the land is invited to rest!

November 17: We are promised life and health 

Imagine if all of creation were healthy.

December: No Brunch Church

We are grateful for the partnership with Life Around the Table as we learn to eat together faithfully.

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